How To Sell Your Patek Philippe To CBD Jewellers

Are you looking to sell your Patek Philippe watch? If you believe you own a Patek Philippe timepiece that’s worth $5,000 or more and you’re looking to sell then get in touch with us today. Here’s how the entire process works:

Submit Form

Complete our online form or call us on (07) 5663 4836. Include information about your watch including the brand, model, and if you have the box and/or papers. You will be given a quote before sending your watch to us.

Drop Off or Send

Arrange to drop off your watch with us at Southport. We can arrange to come to you if you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. We can also arrange collection via courier for long-distance enquiries.


Once we have your watch, we will do a full expert valuation. We do consider each and every piece carefully, but will only purchase those we would wear ourselves. If suitable, we will make you our best offer.

Receive Payment

Once you have considered our offer and are happy to accept, you will receive your payment.

We Buy All Patek Philippe Models, including:


    • Patek Philippe Nautilus

    • Patek Philippe Aquanaut

    • Patek Philippe Calatrava

    • Patek Philippe Complications


      • Patek Philippe Grand Complications

      • Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse

      • Patek Philippe Twenty~4

      • Patek Philippe Gondolo

    How To Find Patek Philippe Watch Reference Number and Serial Number

    You can find the Philippe Patek serial number at the back of the see-through case back within the timepiece mechanics. If you have a non-see-through case back then it’s a little bit more complicated and recommended you go to see a dealer or professional. Otherwise, the other option is by looking at your original Philippe Patek certificate to get the serial or reference number.

    How Much Is My Patek Philippe Worth?

    When selling your pre-owned Patek Philippe watch, you may not be sure of how much it is actually worth as prices online fluctuate rapidly but also this is dependent on several factors. These are some of the factors that affect the value of a used luxury watch:


    If your watch is old, no longer in production, and a highly popular model then it is going to be a highly desirable item. If it has been kept in mint condition with all the original paperwork and boxes then you can get the best market value.


    Age is one factor, but the condition of your Patek Philippe watch is paramount. Your timepiece should be in mint condition and be stock standard without modifications. This is what collectors are after as well as having service history on your watch if it is older than 5 years old. Ensuring the condition of your timepiece brings it more value.

    Model and Serial Number

    All Patek Philippe watches retain their value quite well but there are often outliers that are rarer and sought after than others. Having the model and serial number handy identifies this. This is why it is also highly important you keep your original box and papers as losing these will significantly decrease the value for most collectors.

    Precious Materials and Precious Stones

    The materials used in your Patek Philippe watch, such as Pure Gold or Platinum affect how much your watch is worth.

    How To Get The Best Price For Your Patek Philippe

    • Keep the original box and papers
    • Keep all of the links and tags
    • Take care of your watch
      • If you are not wearing it, store it in a box
      • If you do wear it, minimise its exposure to getting scratched or damaged
    • Get your Patek Philippe regularly serviced by an authorised Patek Philippe dealer or service provider. Keep all of the paperwork of servicing.

    FAQs About Selling Luxury Watches

    Why sell your pre-owned luxury watch to CBD Jewellers?

    We are experts in luxury watches and are up to date with all the latest industry knowledge. Luxury watches are our passion and one of the ways we bring that to the table is by giving you the best possible price and service.

    How can I send you my watch?

    If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, we can arrange to pick up from you directly, or you can arrange to drop your watch off to us in Southport. If you live further away we can arrange a courier collection for your watch.

    Do you buy watches without papers or boxes?

    Yes. We can work with you to provide the best possible price even without the accompanying paperwork providing we can confirm authenticity.

    Do you buy watches on consignment?

    In most cases no, but we might consider it for certain, very special timepieces.

    About Patek Philippe Watches

    Patek Philippe has been around since 1839 and is one of the classiest brands in the world when it comes to luxury timepieces. Patek Philippe has grown in popularity due to their rich history, strong market performance, and the technical brilliance that gets put into creating a Patek Philippe watch. It is said that fewer than a million watches have been crafted by Patek Philippe since their early days and that the company puts its entire emphasis on quality.