Womens Rings

The ring signifies an invisible chain that binds a couple to a lifetime journey--a tradition commonly seen in every matrimonial ceremony. After all, the shape of the jewellery is a symbol of infinity - with no beginning and no end. Throughout history, the ring is a piece of jewellery symbolising devotion, fidelity and eternity.

Aside from denoting the bond of love and affection - the ring is simply an ornament wrapped around our finger. This fine piece of ornament now comes in diverse appearance, intricate designs, and purpose.

Explore our wide selection of women’s rings to add a hint of glamour to your everyday look. CBD Jewellers’ artisans expertly forged an array of designs from a classic look to a contemporary edge hardwear.

Our stunning creations are meticulously hand-crafted to flawlessly blend and complement the wearer’s everyday ensemble.

Baguette Diamond Ring


Evil Eye Ring


Cocktail Dress Diamond Ring


Criss Cross Diamond Ring


Double Diamond Criss Cross Ring


XO Ring