Womens Necklaces & Pendants

A necklace and pendant are two separate pieces of jewellery mostly worn together. The necklace can be a standalone piece and elegant on its own; while pendants can be attached or featured on bracelets and anklets.

When these pieces are worn around your neck, it creates a perfect accessory. It is believed that what we wear speaks volume about our personality.

Today, adorning ourselves with jewellery is all about beauty to aesthetically enhance our appearance and confidence.

Explore CBD Jewellers wide selection of elegant and dazzling collections of necklaces and pendants. Showcase your personality with our dainty and statement pieces to match your casual and glamorous ensemble. Our jewellery effortlessly exudes classic and timeless beauty to its wearer.

Diamond Rosary


Yellow Gold & Diamond Madonna Pendant


Diamond Cross Pendant


White Gold & Diamond Madonna Pendant


Heart Solitaire Diamond Necklace


Women's Old English Initial Diamond Pendant


Zodiac Pendant


Diamond Snake Pendant