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Scrap Gold




Audemars Piguet


Patek Philippe


Certified of any sort (GIA,HRD,IGI or Local)

Any Shape, Clarity and Carat

Just to name a few! Contact us for anything else you’re unsure of and we’ll help the best we can.



What you need to consider

Please see our details process below, if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.


We buy gold based on the international gold price of that particular day. Price fluctuates from day to day so price may vary if you’ve been quoted one day, leave and come back a different day.


When buying certain pieces, we assess the price based on the condition, the quality of the piece. Price varies based on certain aspects of the piece; these include, stone or diamond clarity and colour, material weight and overall its resale value.


A valuation is (usually) a detailed document of a piece of jewellery describing the piece, its workmanship – whether its hand made or cast and if any gemstones, being precious or semi-precious are natural. The valuation is usually done by an “independent” or “in-house” valuer and it is just their opinion on the value of the item. This value is usually inflated for insurance purposes and does not reflect the pieces re sale value, keep this in mind when/if you plan on selling your item

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