Second-Hand Hublot Buying Guide

by CBD Jewellers on October 02, 2021

Second-Hand Hublot Buying Guide

Deciding to invest in a brand new or second hand Hublot luxury watch can be daunting and risky for first-time buyers. With all the factors involved, a new or pre-owned Hublot timepiece has various pros and cons for whoever wants to get their hands on one.

That said, buyers who want to skip the long waitlist would look into the pre-owned market and explore second-hand Hublot watches.  

At CBD Jewellers, we resonate with Hublot enthusiasts and the Hublot buying experience. To help give you a well-informed decision on acquiring an authentic second hand Hublot, we bring you the complete second hand Hublot buying guide. 

Hublot luxury watches are timeless investments. We want you to get only the best quality timepiece for the right price. Read on to know more about the iconic Hublot collections and how to make sure you’re getting your hands on authentic items.

Experts in the Hublot
Second Hand Market

Hublot has been among the leading brands of luxury watches since its conception. Because of its popular and intricate designs, the open market has counterfeit timepieces about twice as much as authentic Hublot watches worldwide. 

However, sorting out fake timepieces and shady dealers will be worth it if you end up buying a genuine pre-owned Hublot luxury watch. To do so, it takes a thorough understanding of the grey market and reaching out to accredited and reliable sellers.

Genuine Second-Hand Hublot Watches

Before you set out and find your first (or next) Hublot luxury watch, we recommend picking your preferred watch model and purpose for buying it pre-owned.

Our jewellers and luxury watch specialists always check if a second hand watch comes in a Full Set, where the item is packed along with the:


  • Original Hublot box and accessories

  • Luxury watch warranty card

  • Service booklet

  • Instruction manual

  • Miscellaneous Hublot documentation

Depending on the Hublot watch model, you might need to check for the watch pillow holder and the special box for limited-edition versions. Ensure that all of those components are present and match the timepiece model when inspecting a pre-owned Hublot watch.

But suppose you want to use the watch more often and aren’t planning to upsell it in the future. In that case, you can consider buying genuine second hand Hublot watches without the box and papers.

However, keep in mind that preserving the original documentation and packaging also conserves the item’s market value. With a complete Hublot set, you can sell a pre-owned timepiece after several years at the same price you bought it.

Choosing Your Desired Hublot Model

Hublot’s wide range of luxury timepieces caters to all types of buyers, from luxury watch enthusiasts to investors and anybody who wants a piece of luxury daily.

That said, choosing your second hand Hublot watch comes down to understanding your preference for flavour and function.

Besides, all Hublot watches are forged through a symphony of delicate machinery and at the hands of expert watchmakers. That’s why finding the perfect model for your needs is crucial since all Hublot watches are timeless investments.

Big Bang Collection

Known to be the first Hublot watch to achieve global recognition, Big Bang marked the beginning of Hublot’s success as a luxury watch brand. The collection sports sleek timepieces with the fusion of minerals, metal, and rubber to complete the iconic line of watches.

Classic Fusion

Hublot made another breakthrough by successfully combining pure gold with other rare earth metals and rubber to create the Classic Fusion collection. Today, the brand-new and second hand market offers several Classic Fusion models, which all share a distinct chic design and the signature H-shaped screws.

Spirit of Big Bang

The Spirit of Big Bang was Hublot’s revolutionary collection that carries the signature Big Bang look in a barrel-shaped casing along with the original Big Bang collection. Its multi-layer timepiece construction lets users flex the watch on all occasions, whether for work, social events, or even sports.

Limited Edition Collection

If anyone asks why Hublot incorporates unconventional design in their watches, their reply would be, “Why not?”. Hublot’s limited edition watches, also known as MP Collection, takes design and function beyond the standards to pursue innovation in timekeeping.

But keep in mind that limited editions are scarce for brand-new items. The only available model, for now, is the MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis 49mm Luxury Watch. On the other hand, the second hand market has more MP timepieces to offer.

How to Spot a Counterfeit Hublot Watch

Dial Elements

Every Hublot model has distinct dial elements that are often telltale for fraudulent copies. More often than not, fake Hublot watches have less detailed elements and rough edges than authentic models. 

Date Wheel 

Another obvious indicator for counterfeit Hublot luxury watches is a larger and misaligned date wheel. If a watch’s date wheel has a relatively thick number and is obviously offset, you’re probably looking at a fake timepiece.

Watch Case Engravings

If the Hublot watch in question has thin and shallow engravings around the metal case, it’s most likely a counterfeit. That’s because authentic Hublot timepieces have their HUBLOT text engraved deeper in the metal, showcasing a defined look.

Push Buttons

Try pressing the push buttons around the Hublot watch. Genuine Hublot watches should have the push buttons adjust the sub-dials in the timepiece. But if you can’t press the button or don’t do anything to the watch face, you’re likely holding a fake Hublot watch.

Watch Strap

The undersides of Genuine Hublot leather straps always have a rubber base and sleeve, meaning the leather should be fitted around the rubber. Counterfeit Hublot watches only have the leather strap without any other material to support the watch strap.

Where Should I Buy a Second-hand Hublot?

Despite the prevalence of counterfeit Hublot watches, the market for second hand genuine luxury timepieces remains huge for dealers and buyers. If you want to acquire a pre-owned Big Bang, Classic Fusion, or Spirit of Big Bang, among other models, the market has tons of opportunities for you.

Most importantly, going through the above precautions and basics in determining a genuine timepiece should help you find a time-tested and reliable Hublot dealer. To ensure a safe and reliable transaction, buying a second hand Hublot in your local jewellers is ideal since you can inspect the product physically.

CBD Jewellers in Gold Coast, Australia, houses expert jewellers and Hublot specialists who can help you buy authentic pre-owned Hublot watches. If you have one, you can also sell your Hublot timepiece to us, and we guarantee that we’ll value your timepiece for the best price.

Feel free to speak with our staff at (07) 5571 2658 or contact us via email today.


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