Anything from soldering chains back together to resizing rings. We endeavour to repair your broken jewellery with a short turn over time and to the highest standard.

How it works & What we do

Simply check our list of repair services below and if there's something that you need done that's part of the list then don't hesitate to reach out at the bottom.

Ring Resizing

Bring in your ring, we will measure your finger size, and get it resized. We can go down in size or up to 6 sizes depending on the structure of the ring.


We can do claw repairs on any ring, even if it’s one claw or eight! we can make a new claw or add to a chipped claw.

Gem setting

We can place diamonds in any given setting. We have the best diamond setter in town who’s job is to specifically set diamonds. We can also reset gemstones that have fallen out, or create a new setting to fit the stones you have. The sky is the limit!

Cleaning Jewellery and Watches

We offer free ultrasonic jewellery cleaning for all customers. Our special ultrasonic cleaning machines shakes the dirt of jewellery, leaving them brand new. We also offer a full clean and polish with services starting at $20

Soldering and Welding

If your jewellery has broken into two, we can solder it back together! Chains, bracelets and rings can be soldered back to brand new.

Polishing and Finishing

We offer tumbler and hand polishing for all your jewellery. We can remove scratches and dirt, leaving your item shiny and new.


White gold rings start to typically fade after 6-12 months, don’t worry we can re-rhodium them and the white clean color will return.