Custom Jewellery Design

With over 25 years of manufacturing we can create your dream piece. All you need is your idea, and you can leave the rest to us!

Please read below for our detailed outline of how our custom order process works.


How It Works

1. Obligation Free Consultation

The first step involves an obligation free consultation session to discuss your new customised piece. You will have the full attention of our jeweller who has a great deal of experience in designing and creating one off custom pieces!

Once we understand your requirements, we will suggest different ideas we feel may be suitable to you to ensure your custom piece is unique!

Over time we have worked closely with our suppliers ensuring the materials we use for your next piece are of the best quality, and good value!


2. Design Drawing

Once we have an idea of your needs and wants, the fun begins! Should your custom piece require CAD (Computer Aided Design), we pass this onto our world renowned CAD designers where they will begin the drawing.

Once we’re satisfied with the drawings, we will then contact and show you the rendered images of the final product.

Rendered images bring the computer images to life, giving the pieces colour, depth and in some cases are totally interactive. So you can zoom, move and view every corner of the piece!


3. Design Creation

Once we have your approval on all the designs, we start creating! Hand made or otherwise, we ensure your piece is created using the highest quality metals, gemstones and diamonds!

The turn around time is generally 7 to 14 days with most pieces, though please bare with us as some pieces require a bit more time to complete!


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